Ancient Order of Hibernians, Tir na n’Og, Division 1, Lehigh County

Division Coat of Arms Description

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish wolfhound is at the crest of the Coat of Arms to represent the mythological history of Ireland. It is said that the Wolfhound often accompanied the Hibernians as they traveled the Irish countryside protecting the Catholic clergy, and has been adopted to represent the Wild AOH.

Celtic Cross

In the center, dividing the shield into four quadrants is the Celtic Cross, symbolizing our Catholic Faith.  The Cross is a reminder of that Faith and that above all, we are men of faith. The cross at the center signifies that faith is at the center of everything we do, everything radiates out from the Cross and the Cross joins all other aspects together.

Harp of Ireland

The Harp of Ireland in the upper left quadrant represents the roots of the Hibernians, founded in Ireland to Protect the Irish Catholic clergy as they traveled the country celebrating “Hedgerow” Masses, because the Catholic Mass had been banned and Catholic clergy had bounties on their heads. The Gold Harp, on a field of blue was one of the early flags of Ireland and is now the flag of the Irish President.

Project Children Shield

The Project Children shield in the upper right quadrant represents the reason for the founding of our Division.  When the Division was founded in 1984, Project Children was the main mission of our Division, along with other Children’s charities. The Division name “Tir na n’Og”, Gaelic for “Land of youth”, was chosen to symbolize that mission and is at the center of our Coat of Arms.

Bethlehem Star, Mack Bulldog

The Star of Bethlehem and the Mack bulldog in the lower quadrants are there to represent the region of Pennsylvania we hail from.  The Star of Bethlehem has been a symbol of the City since it’s founding on Christmas Eve 1741.  Mack Trucks was founded in Brooklyn in 1900 and moved to Allentown in 1905.  The Mack bulldog has been a symbol of Mack Truck and tied to the city of Allentown since it first appeared on a Mack truck in 1921.

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Tir na n'Og, Division 1, Lehigh County PA is a non-profit organization, registered with the Pennsylvania State Department.

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